Diallo Thompson


The star of Freshman Year will be Diallo Thompson, an actor and model that is known for Barbershop: The Next Cut, The Christmas Swap, and Mann and Wife on Bounce TV. Diallo plays the role of a 17-year-old African American who grows up in a protective environment and leaves home for the first time to college.

Benjamin Onyango


Playing the role of CJ’s Dad is Benjamin, an actor known for his roles in God’s Not Dead, Tears of the Sun, and Beautifully Broken. Benjamin plays the role of Chukwumah, the father of CJ and pastor of a local church.

Natalia Dominguez


Known for her roles in numerous commercials and films such as Love is Free and Alternate News. Natalia plays the role of Marcella, a 17-year-old Spanish cheerleader that falls in love with CJ.

Gregory Alan Williams

Professor Thompson

Known for his roles in Greenleaf, Remember the Titans, The Sopranos and The West Wing. Gregory plays Professor Thompson, an atheist professor at CJ’s new college.

Desalene Jones


Known for her roles in numerous commercials and films such as Traffik. Desalene has plays the role of Veronica, CJ’s mother.

Saeed Renaud


Known for his music, Saeed Renaud grew in popularity by recently competing on the hit Fox Show The Four. Saeed plays a worship leader at CJ’s church.

Production Crew

Jude Johnson

Producer, director, Writer

Jude is the brain behind this film. He wrote the story and co-wrote the screenplay. He directed and produced this film. He is currently a Director for The Well Christian Community Church Television. Jude has also created and produced the following documentary series: Changed, My Story and Life Beyond the Walls.

Jackie Dallas

1st Assistant Director

Jackie is an actress, director and producer. On-screen she is known for her roles on Stranger Things, Criminal Minds, and The Resident. Off-screen, she has directed and produced several short and indie films, most recently The Look into the Fire. Jackie served as the 1st Assistant Director on Freshman Year.

Grits Carter


Gritis has been in the movie business since 1992. He has won several hats as a writer, editor, producer, director and cinematographer. Grits has been involved in over 18 movies, notable among them are God’s Not Dead, Here We Go Again, Monkeyman935and Sea Quida.

Sally Forcier

Casting Director

Sally has been in the movie business for over 24 years, casting over 100 projects. She was the Casting Director for Notorious Nick, Apparition and most recently, the lead in extras casting for the movie Traffik..

Austin Simmons

Production manager

Austin is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California where he studied Film and Television Production. His short films, Last Meal and Bravo have won awards at film festivals both domestically and abroad. 

Aaron Leong


Aaron is a cinematographer that has shot films such as Crane, S.I.N and What You Can’t Have. He also directed the feature film Mamaboy, which starred Stephen Tobolowsky and Gary Busey. Aaron served as the cinematographer for Freshman Year.